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John Harrison is the leading Palmistry Counsellor in the U.K. and has been teaching Palmistry for 30years. Spiritually gifted since childhood,qualified in Chirology,and published in Kindred Spirit and Heres Health magazines,
he has appeared on I.T.V with Carole Vjoordeman,and Carlton T.V with Nick Ross. Corporate clients include Virgin Media and Cable and Wireless.
A recognised tutor and consultant in palmistry his definitive Home Study Handbooks,now available to purchase on this website.

If you would like a face to face Palm Reading please ring
me on 01773 438540 to arrange a sitting.

Please be aware that Face to Face charges are:

January and February Discount :

Now BASIC READING at £30.00

Intermediate READING at £80.00
Now Intermediate READING at £40.00

Advanced READING at £100.00
Now Advanced READING at £50.00

Full Life READING at £120.00
Now Full Life READING at £60.00


All readings include a recording sent digitally by email or cd by post


– BASIC READING: £30.00 ($32.00)

This reading will give the client a general overview of their life. The key areas that will be covered will be appertaining to Health, Careers and significant relationships in love.
There will be specific guidance and counselling regarding Health Maintenance, and any recommended changes to a person lifestyle necessary to improve health and vitality.
The range of suitable occupations will be discussed and compatibility in love.

– INTERMEDIATE READING: £40.00 ($48.00)

Overall, this has been my most popular reading, because it contains more depth in respect to counselling.
There will generally be more advice at all stages of the reading, and counselling with regards to career changes. Past and present activities will be discussed with potential paths into the future indicated

– ADVANCED READING: £50 ($64.00)

Over the years many clients have expressed their desire to have a reading wherein they could ask questions regarding events in their lives. This reading fulfils that ambition.
From the timing of when to move house, to those who wish to give up paid work, to become self-employed, or to go back to work, having been a mother, there are many circumstances where advice is useful. Sometimes it is simply a question of having enough money to retire!
And in love many people are still seeking their soul mate, that special person, to share life with. And on occasions, regrettably, a person may have lost a loved one, and need guidance.
In general, most people realise that life can be subject to unexpected changes, and whilst at the time these can be undesirable, they can turn out for the best.

– FULL LIFE READING: £60 ($80.00)

This is excellent reading for those seeking in-depth insight and poignant advice. Often it is difficult to make important decisions or to see oneself as others may see us.
Modern life is complex and sometimes we lack the skills or have insufficient self-awareness to realise our potential.

Therefore a detached objective but compassionate view is helpful. This reading focuses on our own unique psychology and philosophy towards life as well as taking in a spiritual perspective.
It is very much about attaining balance and homeostasis and finding contentment.

Many people suffer from phobias, addictions, or have suffered from traumas such as grief, and have lost direction. Others are compulsive/obsessive types; maybe wealthy but deeply unhappy.
There are many lessons to learn in life, but are we learning them or simply becoming more bitter and perhaps reclusive.? This reading also discusses the bigger picture.
Why have we come into this particular life, what lessons do we need to learn and where do we go from here?!

I will reply and send your completed reading, via attachment in due course; normally within 14 days.

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Palm Readings for Corporate Events & Private Parties

I also enjoy catering to all sorts of corporate events and private parties. Entertain and thrill your guests with their very own palm reading sessions for answers about their character, career, love, present or future.

Now Prepare your handprints as shown below and email or post them to me to process

METHOD ONE ----Send your hand digital photos by E-mail.

This is by far the quickest, easiest and less messy of the methods. You will ideally need someone to take the photos for you
1.Place your hands in front of a dark background ie not light coloured.
2.Take 2 photos, one of each hand and one set of each finger-print pattern(including thumbs)angled straight on ie not side views.
4.Send an email to attaching your images to the email.
5.Choose Your Level of Reading Required from the list above and send payment by Paypal
On receipt of PayPal payment ,I will reply with your reading including a recording sent in the post within 7 days.
Please watch below video to see how to send me your photos