John Harrison

Palmistry Counsellor / Author

Born in West London, John possessed the “intuitive gifts” since childhood of clairvoyance, clairsentience, and visions. Being naturally creative he wrote poetry from an early age and later short stories and songs. Although not academically bright, due to dyslexia, he studied English, Religion, Law, and Politics and chose to go into retail and sales management as his first career path.

However, John’s main interest was in Religion. In his teenage years, he studied Astrology and Palmistry and began practicing Yoga, Meditation, and Tai Chi Chuan, being fascinated by Taoism and Hinduism. This found fruition when he became the Chairman of the Theosophical Society (Alcott Lodge) organizing and attending lectures by the leading religious authorities of those days. He also lectured himself having written his Thesis on Palmistry Counselling, the profession he was to find.

Not content to just be a student, having experienced a “Samadhi”, John began a lifelong quest to discover the truth of being and the Path to self-realization and spiritual enlightenment. He learned that in all the major religions there were references to the Word of God, (sound vibrations) and Knowledge of God (light frequencies). Whilst this philosophy was intellectually appealing the mind never becomes enlightened.

So began the search for a Perfect Master who could reveal by their Grace, the Truth of Being. Having participated in a whole succession of “spiritual paths” where teachers purported to take the aspirant on a journey to enlightenment but failed to mention that they themselves were NOT enlightened, many illusions were experienced!

On the work front, regrettably subsequent to the recession and austerity, our family retail business reached its nemesis in 1988 when my parents Alan and Joyce retired. Unemployed for the first time in years, I took this opportunity to travel around the world, experiencing many diverse cultures, reveling in their traditions and spiritual ceremonies. Upon my return, I began to train as an Aromatherapist and Spiritual Healer, going on to become a psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, Seichem Healing Master as well as studying Tantra and Chi Kung. With this experience, I started the Smile Holistic Practice.

In 1989 whilst traveling in India I was involved in a major road traffic accident but miraculously escaped virtually unscathed. Upon returning to England, I sought treatment myself at a local Mind, Body and Soul Exhibition. It was a wonderful experience and I found out then that such Exhibitions occurred all over the country, where Tarot Readers, Clairvoyants, and Palmists could earn a living by giving readings to an appreciative public.

Over successive years I have been published in leading magazines such as Kindred Spirit and Here’s Health
Then appearances on National Tv programs hosted by Carole Vjoordeman and Nick Ross, and radio programs with Jo Whiley, featuring Nick Parsons.

I was also invited to entertain guests at Corporate Christmas Parties, hosted by Richard Branson’s Virgin Media, and Cable and Wireless executives. I have given lectures on Palmistry Counselling in the U.S.A. where my exemplary knowledge and experience dispelled many of the myths about Palmistry and I was accorded great respect by their teachers who sent their students to purchase my home tuition palmistry counselling manuals and have readings!

Palmistry Counselling is the new career that I have established. It is a collaboration of the skills of Hand Analysis (Chirology) married to the Art of Hand Divination (Palmistry) which is rooted in the philosophy of Alchemy, Metaphysical Heurism, and Ontology and the psychological insights of the counsellor. Palmistry Counselling is a therapeutic discipline aimed at empowering clients to attain their full potential in health, careers, and relationships.

At an early age, I perceived the radiant energy underlying the phenomenal world and knew that my real home resided in the spiritual dimensions. Later I studied Theosophy, Vedanta and in my early 20’s practised Yoga, Meditation and Tai Chi Chan. I was especially attracted to Taoism and Buddhism, and in later years joined a Tibetan Buddhist Sangha.

I found my vocation in Palmistry, Healing and Spiritual Development. . My Client Testimonials over the last 20 years are proof of my status as one of the World’s Leading Palmists and creator of the profession of Palmistry Counselling.

In addition, I qualified in psychotherapy and hypnotherapy, became a Reiki and Seichem Healing Master, practised Chi Kung and steeped myself in Meditation. Since then I have become a spiritual aspirant on The Path of Light and Sound, which guides genuine “seekers” to discover the purpose of their existence and attain Self Realisation and Spiritual Enlightenment in this life. Welcome to visit my website:- www.mediation4u2.com to find out more?