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John Harrison is the leading Palmistry Counsellor in the U.K. and has been teaching Palmistry for 30 years.

About Author & Palmist

John Leslie Harrison

At an early age, I perceived the radiant energy underlying the phenomenal world and knew that my real home resided in the spiritual dimensions. Later I studied Theosophy, Vedanta and in my early 20’s practiced Yoga, Meditation, and Tai Chi Chan. I was especially attracted to Taoism and Buddhism, and in later years joined a Tibetan Buddhist Sangha.

I found my vocation in Palmistry, Healing, and Spiritual Development. . My Client Testimonials over the last 20 years are proof of my status as one of the World’s Leading Palmists and creator of the profession of Palmistry Counselling.

In addition, I qualified in psychotherapy and hypnotherapy, became a Reiki and Seichem Healing Master, practiced Chi Kung, and steeped myself in Meditation. Since then I have become a spiritual aspirant on The Path of Light and Sound, which guides genuine “seekers” to discover the purpose of their existence and attain Self Realisation and Spiritual Enlightenment in this life. Welcome to visit my website:- to find out more?


The World In Your Hands: A beginners guide to Palmistry

Advanced Guide to Palmistry Counselling: Professional Edition



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